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About Us


           Rising Sun Publishing is the newest division of the Rising sun family, is was started as the need for comic companies wanting to join us was ever growing. Rising Sun Publishing  allows creators and companies to work with us with out being owned by us. We call the creators and companies that are a part of  Rising Sun Pubishing ,  membersThe ever growing members are allowed to print, market, and sale under this banner.


The members creative teams find the support of a larger companies with out the hassle associated with them.







Rising Sun Finical  was created  in 2002 posting online content . Jamar Miller is a long time GI Joe fan and started Rising Sun Comics in 2008 as a way to share his stories that expanded the GI Joe Universe. Rising Sun Comics has since released over 50 issues of fan comics. A re-branding has allowed for new creator owned content to be published.



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