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Members and partners of Rising Sun Publishing you will find below. If you would like to join the members program please contact us.

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Rising sun Comics, US 

The amazing comic company from the United States with creator owned content and weekly content.

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Red Handed Studios 

The best books by working with the best talent. We make comics for people who love comics! Imprint of RS US.

Douthitt Press

A independant studio and publisher, creating dark fantasy books.  

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Rising Sun Comics , JPN

Our Japan division focus is on Manga style books.

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Night Raven Comics 

The comics owned and produced by Mathew Dansie.

Rising sun Comics, Oceania

The New Zealand division 

Great stories with a ton of adult appeal.

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Denied Comics 

Established in 2007 after long nights writing and inking comics, I would summit my work to various comic book companies .  ALL to Get DENIED.

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Rising sun Comics, NP

The amazing comic company with lots of fan driven comics to boot! this is Rising Sun Comics Non-Profit


 A Cody B. Stewart Company

The Slip:Series debut of a comic with spaceships, aliens, the fate of the universe and a family struggling to hold together in the thick of it.

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Blood for the Baron

The world premier Action Force site. imprint of Rising Sun Comics Non-Profit


After Action Report

A series of collecting guilds, that cover comics, shows, characters and more.

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Studio Sandman

Wayne Sanders amazing works

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