Battle Action Force: The Complete Works

Volume 1 - 10

In conjunction with our sister site Blood For The Baron, Rising Sun Comics brings you the printed works of Battle Action Force !


Lovingly scanned and brought back to life, the complete series of Action Force is brought to you in 10 black-and-white volumes. Each issue is printed with 250 pages of content, containing every comic strip, cover, datafile, and combat file a collector could desire !

Action Force: Volume 1 Teaser

Check out the issues that started them all in Volume 1 of Action Force: The Complete Works.

Great for those just getting into the Action Force fandom and old collectors a like.

Volume 1 contains issues  - Action Force, Ironblood's Revenge!, Jungle Ambush, Desert Victory, Peril at Dragon Rocks!, Space Battle, Operation Bloodhound, Codename Shark, Codename Sky Raider ,  and follows the Action Force team as they defend against the Red Shadows 

in these action packed storys. 

Preorders for Volume 1 Coming Soon !

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